Midjourney Announces Next-Gen Image System and Invites Users to Rate Images

Midjourney is a popular AI image generating system that is about to release their next-generation image system. The team is seeking the help of their paying MJ members to rate images to assist in the development of the new system.

Wasn’t this cool enough? What’s next, Midjourney? 🙂

Midjourney’s announcement in their Discord channel invites their paying members to go to a specific URL to help rate images.

Members will be shown two images at a time and will need to select the one they like more based on their personal aesthetic taste. Midjourney has provided directions on how to rate images on mobile or PC using the 1 and 2 keys to select images.

They have also cautioned members that if they see NSFW images, they should click the other image or press ‘skip’ to avoid them.

The images that will be rated are not representative of the V5 algorithms that Midjourney will release soon. These images are plain, boring, and unopinionated to help the system learn whether V5 should have a different style from V4. However, members should notice that the images are of higher resolution and have generally better detail and stylistic range than V4.

Midjourney’s announcement also advises members to check out images from the pre-V4 rating party as a comparison to today. The team takes these ratings seriously and is urging members to try their best to provide them with good data. If any members find the images cool, they are encouraged to share them in the rating party.

Midjourney’s next-generation image system is highly anticipated, and the team’s invitation to their paying members to help rate images is an exciting development. By collecting data from their users, Midjourney can develop an image system that meets the needs and desires of their customers. Midjourney’s dedication to improving their system and providing high-quality images is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

The whole announcement can be seen here:

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